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Officials say the pandemic and dealers who mix fentanyl with other drugs have contributed to the increase in overdose deaths in Florida.

May 2021 | 4:29

Student-athletes at a local high school have been waking up early this summer to pick up running companions — dogs from the Humane Society.

July 2021 | 3:51



Founder Gwendolyn Reese has long desired to share the city’s African American history online. The coronavirus pandemic helped put the project in motion.

Aug. 2021  ◦  4 min 15 sec

The former chair of the University of South Florida's Board of Trustees is slated to become interim president Monday.

July 2021  ◦  4 min 15 sec


Parents were split almost evenly on whether they will send their students to Manatee elementary schools wearing masks.

July 2021  ◦  1 min 1 sec

St. Petersburg currently sees about seven high-tide flood events per year. But in a decade, researchers expect that number to soar to 67 per year.

June 2021  ◦  1 min 7 sec

A recent survey is confirming many people’s suspicions — politics plays a role in whether someone gets the COVID-19 vaccine.

June 2021  ◦  1 min 13 sec

After months of debate, council members passed an ordinance that gives slightly more independence to Tampa’s police oversight board.

June 2021  ◦  1 min 2 sec

Rep. Vern Buchanan of Sarasota introduced legislation that would permanently classify fentanyl-related substances as Schedule I drugs.

May 2021  ◦  1 min 1 sec

As Florida lowers the age eligibility to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, some Tampa Bay area counties are reporting that demand is lower than expected.

March 2021  ◦  1 min 3 sec


Some Haitian Americans in the greater Tampa Bay region are concerned about Haiti’s political turmoil and the safety of their loved ones.

July 2021  ◦  1 min 3 sec

A mysterious illness is killing songbirds in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States. Florida wildlife officials have not received any related reports.

July 2021  ◦  1 min 1 sec

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