Funding for art resources draws a blank

As students gathered to support the pre-thesis art show, various works were admired for their aesthetics, deeper meanings and connections to the artists. Though some appreciate the time and process that it takes to create the pieces, most fail to realize one of the most significant factors that influences the means of creation: funding. According […]

Building Heiser: cost, collaboration and community spaces

It’s hard to miss; the large white geometric structure lines the top of Dort Promenade, sporting various light blue rectangles around its exterior. Some say that it’s an eyesore, others say that it’s a massive improvement to the campus. Construction on the 22,000 square foot building began in Oct. 2016 and is nearing its completion […]

Raising floors and installing doors: a look into what makes dorms habitable

Students are aware of the different kinds of buildings and residence halls that scatter the campus, but it’s safe to say that most are unaware of what goes into making these buildings habitable. Flood protection, air conditioning, hot water and Wi-Fi are essentials that are often taken for granted. Director of Physical Plant,  Alan Burr, […]

Conversation, community and social relevance: Making the most of ISP

After response to a guest of a student wearing a Nazi costume on campus, the importance of community standards seems more relevant than ever. For those interested in becoming community leaders, expanding personal knowledge and creating dialogue about important issues – both on and off campus – the Independent Study Period (ISP) offers these opportunities. […]

RA confidential: the stress behind the success

Though a majority of students know their campus Resident Advisors (RAs) and what responsibilities they take on, most are unaware of the underlying systematic struggles that RAs have faced over the past few years. In addition to an increasing enrollment rate that alters the student to RA ratio, tensions between RAs and Professional Staff and […]

Strong roots and proud presenters: the Cultural Diversity Festival

The Cultural Diversity Festival, an event hosted by second-year RA Paolo Baez-Perez, celebrated the various backgrounds of Novo Collegians. The event emphasized cultural education, but in a fun way; there were many distinct foods to try, dances to watch and history to learn. With the cohort of 2016 being one of the most racially and […]

Third Court thievery leaves residents hungry for answers

        Multiple pans, pots, spatulas and spoons had disappeared from their cabinet drawer homes in Pei Third Court lounge. The discovery disappointed many Third Court residents, as the utensils were purchased with money from community donations. Although many of the items were recently returned, the principle behind the long and inconsistent absences evoked questions about […]