Bright and early Saturday morning, around 100 people of different ages, gender identities and fitness levels lined up next to a lifeguard tower on Siesta Key Beach. A 10-second countdown commenced, and at the sound of “zero,” the herd of participants took off. The first official Great Gay 5K had begun. An event that promotes […]

Raising floors and installing doors: a look into what makes dorms habitable

Students are aware of the different kinds of buildings and residence halls that scatter the campus, but it’s safe to say that most are unaware of what goes into making these buildings habitable. Flood protection, air conditioning, hot water and Wi-Fi are essentials that are often taken for granted. Director of Physical Plant,  Alan Burr, […]

Chechen torture prisons reflect LGBTQ discrimination in Russia

Recent allegations made by the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta state that the Chechen Republic, commonly referred to as Chechnya, detained over 100 men suspected of being gay. These claims, in addition to those about secret jails in which men are reportedly tortured, led to international outcry about the current state of civil rights in Russia. […]

New College Foundations: A look into campus buildings and structures

(All images obtained from NCF Digital Collections and Library Archives) Recent struggles with housing selection have raised fundamental questions about the growth of New College and the quality of residential buildings on campus. Since its beginnings in the ‘60s, our college has evolved into what it is today. But what, in terms of buildings and […]


Students started gathering at College Hall as the sun was setting to celebrate New Prom 2017 – Enchanted Masquerade. New Prom is an annual Resident Advisor (RA) event. This year it was hosted by second-years Jennifer Ha, Devin Johnson Hogan, Mackenna Jensen, Riley Lewis, Eleni Spanolios and Hope Sparks, as well as thesis student Tessa […]

Community changes at NCF: campus-centered improvements, deteriorations

                        Every year it seems that upperclassmen mention something about New College “going to the dogs.” These assertions come in response to certain changes within our campus community. Interested in determining what these changes actually are, I reached out to the community and found […]

Sarasota Opera House: Musical opportunities at New College

  The Sarasota Opera recently reached out to students from New College of Florida (NCF) and the Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD) to help create an audience of young opera aficionados by sponsoring several student mentees, providing full-paid seasonal tickets to those involved and inviting students to take a tour of the historic […]

The seven wonders of TRAPPIST-1

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Spitzer Space Telescope has identified not one, but seven new Earth-sized planets orbiting a dwarf star. All seven of these planets could potentially contain liquid water, but three are firmly located in the habitable zone – the area around the parent star where a rocky planet is most […]

The LLC philosophy: Communication, collaboration and curiosity

It’s basic feng shui: one’s space can directly impact the way that one feels. This sentiment holds true on campus, as students who involve themselves with Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are far less likely to transfer than those who do not. Not only do Living Learning Communities offer accepting spaces of discourse, but also various […]

Catalyst’s Declassified: Finals Survival Guide

  As the semester approaches its end, an air of tension seems to choke the campus. Deadlines are closing in, essays are piling up and, most unfortunately, finals are near. Finals week is unfamiliar territory for first-year students like me. In order to prepare for exams, I reached out to the campus to hear what […]