Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival brings fall festivities to Sarasota

With state temperatures still climbing above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, many Floridians question whether October truly represents the change of season from summer to fall. Despite the weather, the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival aims to celebrate the arrival of fall with copious cornucopias, plump pumpkins and festivities for families and locals to enjoy. The Pumpkin Festival […]

Better beekeeping: how Alma Johnson is diversifying the honey industry

A recent partnership with the Sarasota Honey Company (SHC) brought beehives to campus, providing educational opportunities to students, pollen to the food forest and, eventually, honey to the Four Winds Cafe. In addition to advocating for environmental responsibility, the Sarasota Honey Company is committed to the special needs community: the honey is harvested, bottled and […]

How Hurricane Irma affected pets and their owners

After learning that the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded was headed directly for Florida, many packed up their belongings, filled up on gas and hastily left the state. Others needed to deal with an additional concern: the well-being of their pets. As most pet owners know, protecting family means protecting your beloved animal companions. “Every […]

Rescinded rights: Title IX alterations devalue gender identity

“Title IX hasn’t changed, but the way the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is going to enforce Title IX has changed,” General Counsel Mike Pierce said. On Wednesday, Feb. 22, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Education (DOE) issued a “Dear Colleague” letter that withdrew the statements of policy and guidance aimed […]