Getting the gears going : five local bike trails

Biking is an important part of New College culture. Students bike to the Bayfront, to classes, to Hamilton “Ham” Center and to off-campus houses, but where do students go when they want to take longer recreational rides? Sapphire Shores Park, Indian Beach and the neighborhoods around Bay Shore Road are some of the only spots […]

The history of the barracks

In the years shortly after the establishment of New College, the various army barracks that scattered the land where the Dort and Goldstein dormitories stand today housed Physical Plant, painting and sculpture studios and, briefly, the original Catalyst publication’s office. These barracks were products of World War II, when, in 1942, the newly constructed Bradenton […]

10 questions with Professor of French Amy Reid

Professor of French and Gender Studies Amy Reid has been teaching at New College since 1995. During this time, she has helped develop the college’s Gender Studies Program (GSP), taught numerous French language and literature courses and published various papers and translations. In 2010, Reid’s translation of Véronique Tadjo’s Queen Pokou was chosen as National […]

The cream of the crop under the big top

JACOBWENTZ ABOUT AUDIO WRITING All photos courtesy of Rick Purdue The cream of the crop under the big top Jacob Wentz | March 6, 2019 After a minute of darkness, a series of blue and purple lights suddenly illuminates an intimidating white pendulum. Ringmaster Joseph Bauer Jr. dramatically breaks through the red velvet curtains and […]

Dr. Erin Dean receives grant to continue research in Tanzania

Professor of Anthropology Erin Dean recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand her research in energy development in Tanzania. The grant will allow Dean to spend three summers researching the implications of alternative forms of energy in the country. “I have been working in Tanzania and Zanzibar for 15 years, […]

Yellow Vest protests continue to impact France

After 12 weekends of protest, the “Gilet Jaune” (Yellow Vest) movement continues to impact France. The protests initially developed in response to President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to raise fuel taxes, but have since evolved into a broader revolt against the government. Over 65,000 demonstrators continue to take to the streets every Saturday. There is no […]

Macron criticized by ‘Gilet Jaune’ fuel protesters

JACOBWENTZ ABOUT AUDIO WRITING Macron criticized by ‘Gilet Jaune’ fuel protesters Jacob Wentz | Dec. 6, 2018 Jacob Wentz is the Catalyst’s foreign correspondent reporting from Pau, France.   Thousands of demonstrators organized in streets and highways throughout France over the weekend to protest proposed tax hikes on gas. The activists are organized under the […]